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About Genoa, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Genoa, Italy)

The city of Genoa is the second largest old city in Italy. It is a commercial port area with a city population of over 600,000 and a population of over 800,000 in the metropolitan area.

What to do in Genoa

The city of Genoa is famous for its world-class museums and opera houses. It is a historical city where visitors can surely enjoy taking a tour of its old city areas such as the Strada Nuova or the Via Garibaldi, which was included in the World Heritage List in 2006. Tourists usually flock to Genoa for sightseeing, cultural immersions, and cultural entertainment such as opera.

Tourist Attractions

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Genoa is the Piazza de Ferrari where the Palace of the Dodges and the Opera are located. It is also where the house that Christopher Columbus is believed to have been born in is located.

The Via Garibaldi is also popular among tourists. The Mannerist palaces where the eminent families of Genoa used to live can be found on this pedestrian area like the Palazzo Blanco, Palazzo Rossa, Palazzo Grimaldi, and Palazzo Reale. The other famous places located on this street are the famous art college the Palazzo del Principe and the Musei di Strada Nuova.

The city also has the second largest aquarium in the world, which is located at the port of Genoa. The oldest working lighthouse in the world and the tallest brick lighthouse, which is a landmark in Genoa, can also be found in this old harbour.

Genoa University

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