University of Genoa (Università degli Studi di Genova)

University Hotels and Student Accommodation
(Genoa, Italy)

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Genoa has many high-quality hotels for visitors and tourists. Many of them offer large suites for families, and most are easily accessible from the University. There are hotels to suit any budget, from budget hotels at €65 daily to luxury suites starting at €100.

Hotels and Accommodation

Visitors coming to Genoa who want to stay in a hotel upon their arrival can stay at the affordable but satisfying Best Western Hotel located at the Metropoli Piazza Fontane Marose. It has 48 rooms, a multilingual staff, and provides modern comforts.

Those who want a more luxurious accommodation can stay at the Villa Edera Hotel. It offers excellent service and has a view overlooking the coastline of Northern Italy and of the nearby hills and valleys. It has 27 modern rooms with balconies.

Student Accommodation

The University of Genoa has a number of resident halls for all freshmen students strategically located inside or near campuses depending on their courses. The residence slots are distributed accordingly and are on a first-come-first-served basis. The dall'Ente Regionale per il diritto allo Studio Universitario (ERSU) or the Regional Agency for the Student's Right to Study assists the students in all their housing concerns.

Students can stay at some of the available student housings like the Casa dello Studente in V.Asiago 2 and Gastaldi 25 and residences in Bligny, Salita Montagnola della Marina, Vico Mele, Vico S. Cristoforo, Piazza Acquaverde, Via Andrea Doria, and Via Balbi. Those who stay at the resident halls are entitled to access the computer science laboratory to use the personal computers with the ERSU person in charge in attendance.

Genoa University

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