University of Genoa (Università degli Studi di Genova)

University Colleges and Facilities
(Genoa, Italy)

The University of Genoa has 11 faculties that offer various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and 53 research departments.

Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture offers state-of-the-art facilities and has a renowned teaching staff. It hones skills applicable to the outside world in directly related fields and in endeavors with wide international scopes. It has library services, a computer center, a reproduction center, and several laboratories including the Di.Ma. Lab, CartoLab, MARSC laboratory, archaeology laboratory, and the experimental multimedia laboratory.

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy offers degree programmes in history, culture, music, fine arts, and philosophy.

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics is one of the best faculties in the university. It offers extensive and highly specialized degree programmes in Economics including Business Economy, Banking and Finance, and Marine and Harbour Economy. The Centro Servizi Bibliotecari, one of the largest libraries in the university, is located in this faculty.

Faculty of Education Sciences

The Faculty of Education Sciences is one of the first faculties of the university, and it is known for its quality and serious programmes in education. It has student services, an extensive library, and a number of laboratories.

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering has one of the widest and most specialized engineering programmes in the country. Four of the best libraries in the university can be found in this faculty.

Faculty of Foreign Language and Literature

The Faculty of Foreign Language and Literature offers various International Language and Culture courses such as Italian, Anglo-Saxon, Arabic, Slavic, Iberian, Francescan, Scandinavian, German, Altre Aree, and Glottologia.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law boasts of an international teaching staff renowned in their respective fields and who are knowledgeable and experienced in International laws and Italian Jurisprudence. It can be found in the university campus in Via Balbi, 5.

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Natural Sciences offers degree programmes applicable to the modern working world. It is concerned with the formation of students as main actors in a changing world where science has become more relevant and has become an indispensable element in the development of modern society and human life.

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery wants to develop highly qualified professionals in the field of medicine as standardized by the National Health Service. The number of its graduates now working as qualified physicians demonstrates the extensiveness and superiority of the programmes and specializations it offers.

Faculty of Pharmacology

The Faculty of Pharmacology selects only the best students qualified for the special courses it offers Chemical Pharmacy, Biotechnologies, and Drug Pharmacy.

Faculty of Political Sciences

The Faculty of Political Sciences was instituted in 1926 under the Faculty of Law. Two of its prominent graduates are Leonida Balestreri and Tawny Minoletti. It separated from the Faculty of Law and established itself as an independent faculty in 1969 through a Presidential Decree.

Genoa University

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